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About VentureStart

Starting a business is hard.  Whatever problems you can imagine are exceeded by tenfold by the problems you never seem coming. Every business starts with an idea. Every entrepreneur behind the idea needs help.

VentureStart is here to help.

The most exciting part is….it’s free. The second most exciting part is that our team is filled with senior executives and serial entrepreneurs who have fought, failed and won many times over. Because we’re not paid, the advice we give maybe something that’s hard to hear. As the entrepreneur, it’s your job to listen, learn and then set the direction of the company. If accepted into VentureStart, your mentor will help be a sounding board for your ideas and a conduit into the many business connections you will need to get your idea off the ground.

We don’t want your money. We want you to win. We want to give back to the community by helping you grow your high tech company, hire people and make Northern California a better place to live. We’re here for people who have the desire to win and willingness to listen. If you think you have all the answers already – you’re not ready for a mentor. If your head is spinning with questions about how to rule the world with your idea – you may be ready.

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