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Sacramento’s BERC Helping Business Avoid Hefty Fines

By Luke Miller, Uptown Studios 

Businesses are always striving for ways to be more environmentally friendly, and tech startups stand at the forefront of that. While tech companies tend to help out our environment by doing things like cutting back on paper use or using energy efficient models, businesses, especially startups or newer companies, could always stand to get a little extra help in “going green.”

Enter Sacramento’s Business Environmental Resource Center, or Sac BERC for short. BERC provides FREE consultation for businesses in need of environmental regulation advice. BERC is non-regulatory and does not report companies for any violations. Instead, they are there to help companies get into compliance and avoid potentially large fines. The main idea behind BERC: compliance is more cost-effective than enforcement.

Rich Brown, Senior Environmental Consultant, wants new businesses to know that BERC is here and ready to help.

“Come to us first!” Brown said. “New businesses often go in the wrong direction when starting out and should know that they can come to us in confidence without fear of being reported.”

Among their various programs, one for new businesses to keep in mind is the Sacramento Sustainable Business Program. Businesses can fill out an application to become certified within this program and reap the benefits, which include things like free assistance in making changes to your business, cost savings through environmental friendly practices and free advertising, just to name a few.

Another benefit of becoming a certified Sacramento Sustainable Business: businesses can be nominated for the Sacramento Area Sustainable Business Awards and Expo coming up this September.

Brown wants to encourage new businesses to utilize BERC’s programs in order to help them avoid potential unnecessary costs and to keep businesses thriving and moving forward.

“We are here!” Brown said. “Come to us and we will help.”

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