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Entrepreneur Magazine Shines Light on Sacramento Region Ag Tech Industry

By guest author Rebecca Bauer
This past month, Entrepreneur Magazine published an article titled “9 Hot Startup Cities that aren’t San Francisco or New York.”  As would be expected, the cities listed included major urban areas like Houston, Baltimore and Minneapolis. But what surprised many readers was that the former “Cow Town” of Sacramento made the list.

Sacramento was featured in the article as the top startup city for agriculture technology, technology for the production of machines to help with farming, including machines for tilling, planting, irrigating and feeding. With both Sacramento’s urban feel and its prime location in California’s Central Valley, it was a natural fit that it became a hub for ag tech.

Now helping to drive the ag tech sector in Sacramento is SARTA’s own AgStart, AgStart is establishing a community within this agriculture center by both promoting sustainable agriculture and supporting companies bringing these ideas to the table. Through field days, PitchFests and the annual TechCon event, AgStart is accelerating the growth of agriculture technology in the Sacramento region.

Last May, AgStart had a field day in Brooks, California for entrepreneurs, investors and growers in the area to connect and learn about what’s happening in the world of agriculture. Vanessa Richardson, journalist for Entrepreneur Magazine, attended the field day for her article “9 Hot Startup Cities that aren’t San Francisco or New York.” She came looking for specific reasons why Sacramento is a great place for ag tech startups.

Vanessa interviewed Jack Coots, Director of AgStart, to get her answers. Jack helped by telling her about Sacramento’s collaboration with UC Davis, the involvement of the private sector and specific ways as to how Sacramento lures startups and allows them to grow.

This article shined a light on the Sacramento region and may help bring even more entrepreneurs to the area. AgStart has counted 59 ag tech companies in our region and this number continues to grow each day.

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