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About AgStart

AgStart is SARTA’s newest industry-cluster-focused program, promoting innovative sustainable agricultural technology and supporting companies that are bringing thoseproducts to market.  AgStart leverages the Sacramento region’s vital, and long-standing, role in agriculture for California, the United States, and the world. 

AgStart is undertaking a range of initiatives, including;

Why Get Involved with AgStart?

AgStart works to accelerate ag technology ventures in the Sacramento region – by creating community within and among the ag tech sector, raising the profile of the region’s ag tech companies, and providing learning and educational opportunities to the founders and C-level leaders of those companies.

In so doing, AgStart brings value not only to ag technology startups, founders, and entrepreneurs, but also to ag industry veterans, growers, processors, distributors, and other stakeholders across the entire agriculture and food spectrum.

Get Involved! AgStart welcomes inventors, entrepreneurs, founders, startups, and established ag tech companies; investors, bankers, funders, and professional service providers; and growers, ranchers, processors, distributors, and retailers of ag and food products – all will help create value in the AgStart community, and all will derive value from being involved.

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Bayer CropScience      Marrone Bio Innovations       Weintraub


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